MR_ANCIENT Speaks On the Edo Governorship election

First I want to thank God Almighty for granting us a peaceful election in the state. Then I thank the good people of Edo State for coming out in their numbers, with confidence and determination to cast their votes and make their voices heard. May God bless you all.
Furthermore, I want to salute the courage and spirit of every candidate who contested in this election, it has indeed been worth it.
Truth is, everyone's participation has made the process more Democratic. Hence, there is to me No Victor and No vanquished.
Consequently, I will in accordance with the law, recognize the the Candidate of the All Progressive Congress (APC) GODWIN OBASEKI winner of the election, haven been declared by the electoral commission charged with responsibility to do so. Hence, I extend my sincere congratulations.
In view of this, I wish to charge the governor elect to see this as a privilege to serve his people and not an opportunity to fill his belly and that of others around him. Be an agent of change and transformation. Make those who didn't believe you wish they did, and those who did, proud they did.
Be forever grateful to party leaders for being loyal to the party irrespective of what came along during the campaigns/election period. Do not think the effort of one man made this; thank Edo people for showing sympathy to the party and putting faith in its government. Know that the same way you have been voted to deliver, if you fail the process also allows the same people to vote you out.
Many things I wish to say, but choose to keep for latter days as events unfold.
Once again, Congratulations my Governor.
God bless Edo state.

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