#EdoDecides2016; DON’T GO LOOKING FOR A GOLDEN CALF IN EDO STATE-; Edo in diaspora speaks

As the rescheduled date for the #Edo2016 election draws near, events unearth, some television viewers and people of the state has lost interest in participating.  whilst, political parties and their esteemed loyalist sees this as an opportunity to reinforce for victory. One thing that hasn't been evident in this race of event is the inclusion and participation of the Edo indigenes in Diaspora. Unlike before, we ought to have heard them speak or even endorse a candidate. One would wonder if they have lost their position or has also been neglected by the Comrade Governor and his administration. Here is Amb. Erhahon PRINCE EDOSEGHE (South Africa) speaking in his opinion for Edo2016

On the forthcoming Governorship election in my beloved Edo state, in my opinion, I think a lot have to be considered by the electorate before casting their votes. At this point, our decision doesn’t necessarily need to be based on party divides or loyalty. Let it be known that I’m not against anyone who has pitched tents with political parties, as a matter of fact, that is the beauty of democracy. On a sincere note; No political party has a messiah or saint as their flag bearer; therefore if they were all demons on mission, we would go for the lesser and if they were all saints we’d pick the higher.
With the recent happenings following campaigns to this election; define war however, you wouldn’t be wrong to name your conclusion so. I believe we are no longer interested in eloquent candidates, if we were, we would insist (if possible) that the serving governor remain in power. We mustn’t be fooled by words any longer. Let the records speak.
The two major candidates to beat in this election, GODWIN OBASEKI of the ALL PROGRESSIVE COGRESS (APC) and PASTOR IZE-IYAMU of the PEOPLE DEMOCRATIC PARTY (PDP), of course, both have their shines and flaws.
        We must be mindful of political critics who try to mislead the public by painting candidates as Power-hungry and desperate. Trying to cling to power at the expense of their integrity and cannot be trusted as they are power-corrupt and can be power-drunk if given power. Unfortunately, Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu is one of many, following his record; one may say Christians have lost touch of the respect that follows the title “Pastor”.  But if the foundation be faulty, what can the righteous do? He has no Doubt in his quest for change made some tough decisions even with his reverend office.
Although he admitted to have played active roles in these two government and yet they failed, he hasn't. Hence he's asking for a chance to lead, particularly under an ideology rejuvenated party. As a critical acclaim strategist, I must admit that Pastor Ize-Iyamu is indeed an incredible Political Strategist to learn from; many in his shoes would or already have their heads buried in the sand by now; although in my opinion, I must say that Pastor Ize-Iyamu have delivered on all responsibilities thrown to him in both governments he has served In, hence his record speaks more on delivery rather than mere talks; clearly he has had lots of friends turn foes, and nemesis, friends. Therefore, how do we balance the thought of him being sincere with his Change slogan and the possibility of his quest being personal vendettas on his become foes and nemesis?  He is eloquent, if we seek eloquence, have experiences out of his services to ‘failed governments’. But how can one define success without failure?
We must not plunge our beloved state in recklessness or leave the fate of the people in the hands of such a Party apostate. Notwithstanding, Pastor Ize-Iyamu may just be one who has found himself in the midst of the ungodly in his quest for change. And now, instead of supporting failing leaders, genuinely wants to be the change he desperately seeks. We may think the end has come and the best is seen in government, until we choose to give change a chance. Pastor Ize-Iyamu may just be the change. A Pastor indeed!
      On the other hand, Godwin Obaseki has had little or nothing said or known about him until his quest for power. As the head of Economic team in the serving government one would expect his records to speak more for him than his Principal does for him. He seem to be very unprepared for leadership, only dancing to the tunes of his arrogant principal. Yet among all skeletons dug from his closet, one can conclude that he has been loyal to his Principal (Comrade Adams Aliu Oshiomhole). Like the biblical story of the Israelites journey to the promised Land, Moses is recorded as the greatest prophets of all time (Deut 34:10-12), yet in all his deeds, he didn’t make it to the promise Land he had assured the Israelites God would take them. Many bible scholars have argued that Moses exhibited one of his many flaws in disobedience, leading to his ultimate punishment. Be that as it may, Comrade Adams, in his campaigns may have promised the good people of Edo state a ‘Jordan’ but couldn’t take us there. He though also fall short of a certain level of character and integrity, truth be told, he is cruel, corrupt, deceitful and indeed a cluster bomb coming with his smaller bombs in the persons of Godwin Obaseki and Philip Shaibu; but we will be unfair to him and ungrateful to God if we say he hasn’t led us ‘out of Egypt’. Let us not be quick to look for a golden calf”! When God chose a successor for Moses, he didn’t go back to Egypt to find one, he chose from among those in camp of the Israelites, Joshua. One who has worked closely with Moses all his life; and Moses Publicly declared him as the successor, even though he lacked courage at that time, and very little has been heard or said about him until then, Joshua neither fail God nor the people. And these two candidates have both been a part of the exodus. It is not on record that Moses forced Joshua on the people or that he was a god-father to him; hence we must resist every temptation bring in god-fathers in government. Adams Oshiomhole is making a god-father out of himself. And he must just be the power-drunk leader mentioned above.

    Therefore in this forthcoming election, I urge my good people not just to preach continuity as the change has since begun, but put facts to consideration. Godwin Obaseki may lack a level of experience, but even his principal didn’t have a background in government other than as an activist until he became a Governor; and in this case, he has been serving in a functioning government (though he has nothing to show for it). And for a fact that both him and his principals have bitten the hands that fed them and now desperately wanting to hold on to power in a bid to avoid their doom that yet looms.
No party has ever got it right since the beginning of time with democracy; as the Federal government is currently struggling to put the country back on the right track of progress, we may be struggling with economic recession now, but in our pain, let us rejoice, because when there is casting down, there is lifting up.

    Finally, irrespective of who we choose to vote for, we must be careful not be used as agents of destruction; politicians must lead by example; nothing is worth the blood of an animal or the life of any man. And the youths must stand firm in their pursuit to make the state a better place for all. We must not allow ourselves to be used by politicians to achieve their selfish ambitions; in the end, for them life goes on. They don’t even recognize you nether will they be present at your funeral
Be the change you want to see.


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#EdoDecides2016; DON’T GO LOOKING FOR A GOLDEN CALF IN EDO STATE-; Edo in diaspora speaks #EdoDecides2016; DON’T GO LOOKING FOR A GOLDEN CALF IN EDO STATE-; Edo in diaspora speaks Reviewed by samuel egheghe on 2:06 am Rating: 5

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